We build NextGen ventures from ground up by assembling exponential technology bricks

Corporate Innovation Hub to access know-how and deep tech solutions

Fast prototyping and MVPs in Data Science, Blockchain, IoT and other disruptive technology bricks

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We work closely with VC funds, corporate investors and angels, to build in-house high-tech startups with low risk, low initial capital, and reduced time-to-market.

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Disruptive Founders

We open our doors to all the different kinds of founders. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a technologist, or a technopreneur with great motivation, this is your home.

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As a Venture Studio, we are constantly looking for deep-tech startups characterized by motivated founders who want to scale. We can guarantee access to tech resources and a wide network of partners and investors.

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TechBricks is the first Italian deep-tech Venture Studio and key player of the entire innovation ecosystem for innovative startups, SMEs and corporates.


Everything your innovative business needs

Venture Studio

What characterizes us is a serial and tested process of venture creation, from rapid prototyping to go-to-market. Our Venture Studio is a real launchpad for enterprises on national and international markets. Our strengths?

Product Development

Our products are created thanks to our past and tangible experience in the different business sectors in which our partners have operated. We identify market gaps to create unique products quickly with a perfect product-market fit. This allows the investment to scale in value compared to other new ventures and reduce the risk of bankruptcy.

Innovators and Risk Takers

We are Risk Takers ready to participate in startup company risk through direct and indirect co-investment of capital, resources and infrastructure. We adopt work4qeuity schemes, participatory and quasi-equity tools, with a wide network of supporting investors.

Our venture model: Inspect, Assemble, Scale

We study critically and from multiple points of view the idea from which the startup wants to build its business. Our goal is to find out what should be and, even better, what should NOT be through careful Design Thinking.
This is where we build testable prototypes ready to be validated, with exponential technology bricks from our TechLab that can be perfectly integrated. Our extensive network of partners allows us to understand if the prototype works or if it needs to be deconstructed and designed again.
With a working product in place, full steam ahead! The holy grail in growth is Product-Market fit. Put it simple, we make the solution available to the entire serviceable market with all our go-to-market experts and resources.

Corporate Innovator

We are an Innovation Management Hub and a ‘one-stop-shop’ for continuous access to solutions, know-how, and technological innovations. Our innovation cycle for businesses starts with the identification of needs to implement unique and tailor-made innovative strategies. We support through acceleration programs, open innovation, and hackathons. We have a real track-record of technological strategies that start from the proof-of-concept, MVP creation and then enter into production while ensuring support and maintenance.


Our continuously updated knowledge about the state-of-the-art advancement of deep-tech technologies and our great passion for testing technological innovation methods to help companies build new businesses or scale existing businesses. This is the core of Techbricks' Techlab. Our technology gurus ensure the rapid prototyping of MVP through several exponential technology bricks, including Data Science, Blockchain, IoT, and AI, as well as the implementation of these technologies to more advanced levels.
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Our innovative hi-tech solutions are based on Blockchain e DLT bricks.

Blockchain & DLTs

Big Data

Data Science

Internet of Things

Top-notch resources

TechBricks equips each of its businesses with advanced insights and best practices. Building a unique environment starts with a great community of partners. Our companies and startups have perpetual access to TechBricks top-notch professionals for legal, administrative, marketing, strategic and functional support. From technical experts to industry visionaries, we ensure new business ideas have the launch pad they need to succeed. We surround ourselves with incredibly capable people.

The Team

Manuele Monti – Ph.D.

Manuele Monti – Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur, angel and advisor with international strategic experience in the Energy, Finance and Trading sectors

Vladimir Ceperic – Ph.D., MBA

Vladimir Ceperic – Ph.D., MBA

CTO & Founder

Technology guru and Data Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and DLT technopreneur

Armando Mancinelli – M.Sc.

Armando Mancinelli – M.Sc.

Finance Manager

Financial Manager and early-stage fundraising of the Venture Studio companies

Carlo Longo – M.Sc.

Carlo Longo – M.Sc.

Risk Manager

Responsible for TechBricks’ ventures risk management with 10+ year of experience in the Risk & Trading Industry

Milos Ciganovic – Ph.D. candidate

Milos Ciganovic – Ph.D. candidate

Business Analyst

Quantitative analyst of the innovation market and promoter of technical and economic evaluations of R&D in deep-tech projects

Melania De Angelis – M.Sc.

Melania De Angelis – M.Sc.

Marketing Specialist

Responsible for strategic marketing activities of the Venture Studio and go-to-market strategies for its associates

Francesco Cosimo Pacitto

Francesco Cosimo Pacitto

Acceleration Manager

Startup Acceleration Manager of the Venture Studio and Venture Finance strategist for Investment and M&A deals

Laura Maio – M.Sc.

Laura Maio – M.Sc.

Business Analyst

In charge of business analysis and support for MedTech market startups

Leandro Lodi

Leandro Lodi

Business Operations Analyst

Operation management and development of new business processes aimed at improving business operations at TechBricks

Advisory Board Members & Partners

Vladimiro Mazzotti

Vladimiro Mazzotti

Product Development

Serial entrepreneur, visionary and passionate innovator, always ready to revolutionize Techbricks products

Lorenzo Litta – LLM

Lorenzo Litta – LLM

Intellectual & Property Right Management

IP advisor, COO of Brandit, a global leader in Intellectual Property, IPR, trademarks and legaltech

Vito Vittore – LLM

Vito Vittore – LLM

Legal FinTech

Legal FinTech leader, supports innovative startups in dealing with the complex regulatory framework of financial and technology markets

Gianluca Angelici – M.Sc.

Gianluca Angelici – M.Sc.

Innovation Management

Expert and visionary of the startup ecosystem specialized in AI, NLP, digitalization and corporate innovation

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