We build innovative Hi-tech solutions based on Blockchain and DLT bricks.


The new wave of technologies, from Artificial Intelligence to Big Data, Blockchain and DLT is bringing a new era of products and services.


Our offer goes:

From Industries...
Today, disruptive technologies are constantly emerging and progressing at a record pace. TechBricks is creating innovative solutions that can be applied to speed up and focus core industry goals. To succeed in today’s industry 4.0 transformed landscape we provide ground-breaking innovation and technology integration strategies for your company.
...to Corporates
TechBricks is transforming the pace and efficiency of your business with disruptive digital technologies. We provide state-of-the-art tools and MVPs based on AI, Data Science, Blockchain & DLT, and re-design operations at a fraction of total costs you have today. IF you want to keep up in the race, you must combine emerging technologies holistically to re-imagine how you operate.
...and StartUps
In TechBricks we develop and integrate of technology solutions, prototypes and MVPs. In our startup studio we use a reliable taskforce of technology gurus, product specialists and tehnopreneurs to quickly transform bright ideas into go-to-market scalable products. No fear of risk. We make technology development easy.

We look towards:

We support VC funds, corporates or like-minded investors, to transform their venture capital into viable products ready for marketing. Ready for YOUR market.
Our Venture Builder process enables investing with a lower risk of failure, lower seed capital and reduced time-to-market.
By using our approach, investors can fully control a diversified portfolio of products, which is yet vertical on disruptive technologies like Data Science, Big Data or Blockchain/DLT.
We are the First Venture Builder in Italy solely backed on proprietary disruptive digital technologies. We offer a unique ecosystem, backed by professional, scientific and technical excellence.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, a technologist or even better a TECHNOPRENEUR with great ideas and motivation you are at home: we will provide you with a startup production line, top-notch professional knowledge, investors network and funds for transforming your vision into reality.

Everything you need in one place?

Venture Builder

StartUp Studio

Winning teams.

Top-notch Resources


Venture Builder

What are Venture Builders? Put it simply, we pull business ideas from within and outside our own networks, offering a complete ‘production line’ for startups, from Design Thinking, technology MVP prototyping and up to go-to-market facilities.
Usual incubators and accelerators rely on the seeding of external business ideas. TechBricks instead has a unique bottom-up product development approach: our idea creation matches instantly the market demand by offering working products in a reduced time and lower seeding capital. Easy!

StartUp Studio

In TechBricks we have the process of consistent serial start-up creation. Every TechBricks business acquires or develops its unfair advantage.

Our Minimum Viable Products

Our Tech MVPs have been developed in different business sectors. This enables investment scalability vs usual neophyte start-ups and reduced risk of technology failure. Our former professional experience is a tangible asset and generates competitive advantage in our target markets.

Innovation Risk Takers

We are Risk Takers ready to participate in the startup company risk by offering tangible and intangible assets. We co-invest through Work4Equity, VAS4Equity and Tech4Equity schemes. We co-invest in the full innovation process.
Risorsa 2@2x

Winning teams. Great people.

Great people build winning companies. Finding and developing world-class talent is our highest organizational priority. We do not move forward until the right founding team is in place.

We also leverage a wide network of service providers, experienced technologists and investment partners: we surround ourselves with incredible people.

Top-notch resources secured.

TechBricks equips each of its businesses with advanced insights and best practices.
Building a unique environment starts with a great community of partners. Our companies/startups have perpetual access to TechBricks top-notch professionals for legal, administrative, marketing, strategic and functional support. From technical experts to industry visionaries, we ensure new business ideas have the LAUNCH PAD they need to succeed.

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